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3 Rod Swing for Children

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Hammock Swing with 3 Rods for Children
For the smallest of the house, because there is no age to enjoy a hammock. In Yucatan since we were babies we slept in a hammock, for many years, this custom continues in our traditions.

This model can be customized, made of nylon or cotton in the color(s) of your choice. If you wish, contact us so that we can detail your request.

Data sheet

Supports 70kg.
Product Weight: 1.8kg.
Fabric (Warping): Closed.
Capacity: 1 Infant.
Pine Woods.
The arms are nylon.
This product includes 1 extension, the same color or colors of the swing .
80 cm top wood.
Side timbers of 40 cm.
Total height of 1.10 meters.
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