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Yuum Haax is a proudly Mexican and 100% Yucatecan company, located in Mérida and dedicated to the production, distribution and promotion of Yucatecan hammocks and crafts made with hammock threads. From the traditional ones, which are very popular for their comfort and great variety of designs and materials (nylon thread, cotton thread, nylon loom, cotton loom, cotton string, nylon and silk cord), to furniture, ideal to decorate your home and give it an unimaginable artisanal or cultural touch, such as swings, rocking chairs, stools, hanging chairs, bassinets, cribs, tapestries, lamps and dream catchers. In addition to that, we have all kinds of accessories, both to install your hammock and to maintain it.

We established in 2013. And since then, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing our work, dedication and culture to families around the country, always offering the same quality and excellence in service and keeping this beautiful tradition alive.

What does Yuum Haax mean?
Yuum Haax means God of Thread, in the Mayan language Yuum means God and Haax Thread(s), this represents our Mayan culture and the idea of ​​being able to make handicrafts with hammock threads.

We are 90% dedicated to Electronic Commerce, sending day by day to different places in Mexico.

We work with several parcel companies, all of them have been very important in our growth, improving our entire shipping process and thus reaching more towns and cities throughout the national territory (and some parts of the world).

We want to reach more places, and with this, to deliver a small part of our culture to those who appreciate it and those who allow us to be part of their lives.

Let's not allow this tradition to be lost in time!

Yuum Haax Warranty
Yucatan is a place that produces hammocks, having said this, what differentiates us from other stores or sellers of hammocks?

  • Yuum Haax is a company committed to its customers, we have a guarantee for manufacturing defects, as well as returns and/or changes of products, as the case may be.
  • Professional service and advice via whatsapp, email, messenger or phone call, as you wish to communicate, we will gladly help you with any details, questions or advice you require, it is always a pleasure to help!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, all our products reflect our culture and we are always very proud that people throughout Mexico are interested in our work and passion for making hammocks and products made with good quality hammock threads.

What does it mean to acquire a Made in Yucatan product?
By acquiring a Yuum Haax product you help all the families involved throughout the process (from the manufacture of the threads, the elaboration of the product to the final process of sale, packaging and shipping) and above all, to keep this beautiful tradition alive. Since behind the company, there are more than 100 families involved at all times (Warpers, Artisans, Blacksmiths, Founders, Carpenters, Turners, Designers, Packers, Photographers and Sellers). All focused on offering a quality product, always seeking to meet customer expectations and maintain the same quality in each step of the process.

Each handmade product is unique, as it represents the imagination, experience and time dedicated to it. Which have been learned through teaching within the same family, and thus becoming the main activity and economic support of all of them.

Thank you very much for trusting in electronic commerce and for acquiring a proudly Mexican product.

What are we doing during the pandemic?
All of our artisans work from home. In this way we avoid the spread of the virus, taking care of both them and our customers.

We follow the Hygiene and Safety protocols. Which have been established by the World Health Organization, which has indicated that it is completely safe to handle a package and make shipments via mail.

We stay informed. Day by day of the current situation, both in the Country and in our State and of course, in the small entities that are part of it.

Our purpose

  • Take our work to as many places as possible, both within the national territory and around the world. So that everyone knows the type of hammocks and crafts that are produced in Yucatan.
  • We love what we do. Since through our work, we offer our clients well-being, through products and excellent service, for the benefit of all the people involved in the process and our community.
  • To be the company that offers products of the highest quality, at a fair price, offering detailed information in different languages ​​and with shipping options to different parts of the world.

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