About Us

Hamacas Yuum Haax is a 100% Yucatecan company, dedicated to the elaboration, distribution and promotion of hammocks of all kinds, from the traditional ones, very popular for their comfort and a great variety of designs and materials (nylon, cotton and silk), to furniture Ideal for decorating your home and giving it an unimaginable artisan / cultural touch, such as swings, rocking chairs, stools, hanging chairs, Moses and cribs. In addition to that, we have all kinds of accessories, both to install your hammock and to maintain it.

Established in 2014. And since then, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing our work and dedication to families around the country, always offering the same quality and excellence in service and keeping this beautiful tradition alive.

What does Yuum Haax mean?

Yuum Haax means God of the Thread (Yuum = God, Haax = Threads), the name represents the Mayan culture and the idea of ​​making crafts with hammock threads.

We are 90% dedicated to Electronic Commerce, sending week by week to all of Mexico.

DHL and FedEx have been very important in our growth, improving our entire shipping process and thus reaching more towns and cities around the world.

We want to reach more places, and with this, to give a small part of our culture to those who appreciate it and those who allow us to be part of their lives.

Please enjoy our website and don't let this tradition be lost in time.

Our values


Being a company dedicated to the production and trade of hammocks, furniture and

accessories handmade with hammock threads, always committed to the quality of their handicrafts; likewise, to be a constant source of economic income for the families of our communities, while seeking to conserve our Mayan culture.


Make hammocks made in Yucatan the most important and representative handmade art in the Mexican southeast, with the capacity to meet any demand, both national and international.

In the same way, being agents of change to promote the appreciation of this art and with this being able to promote the quality of life of the people involved in the process of this artisan work.

Our values


For us, work is a value, since only through it can we meet our needs and, at the same time, serve others. Work is the opportunity that life gives us to transform and improve the environment in which we live. The most meritorious and transcendent works of people have been achieved through work. With it creativity, artistic sensitivity, inventiveness, as well as the most enriching forms of human relationships are developed.

Working is a privilege and for that reason, our personal work must put the best of us at stake.


Offer ALL of our clients the assurance that they are acquiring more than just a product, but rather a delicately inspected artisan work that meets and exceeds their expectations, doing things right the first time, always fulfilling in time and form.

Social responsability

Today, in a world without borders, it is impossible to live in isolation. The truth is that all activities, whether personal or collective, have an impact on society and therefore, commitment and a service attitude towards the community are needed.

Carrying out our work well, complying with what is agreed with our Clients and suppliers, respecting and caring for resources (whether financial, human or material) are ways of practicing this value. Social responsibility leads us to constantly seek the common good.


Remember that our crafts are 100% handmade, therefore, there are no identical pieces, and each one reflects the emotion, imagination and dedication that your dream maker has put into it.