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Privacy policy

Yuum Haax recognizes and respects the importance of maintaining the privacy of our users, that is why we have established the following Privacy Notice.

Below we describe why we request information about the customer, what information, how we request, what we use and how the use limit can apply. This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use under which they are governed Yuum Haax.
Note: You must be over 18 to be a user ofYuum Haax.

Why do we ask for your data?
Yuum Haax every day constantly seeks to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality.

What data do we request?
When you place an order on Yuum Haax, We request the following information:
-Name and surname.
-Telephone address: street, number, district, delegation or municipality, city, state and postal code.
- Details of your credit card by email: card number, card type, expiration date, security code, issuing bank and address where you receive your statement.
-Shipping information: Selected products, promotion code or gift certificate (if applicable), recipient's name, delivery address (street, neighborhood, delegation or municipality, city, state, zip code, telephone and email.
-The recorded information is saved even if you cancel your order or do not complete it.

You can ask us not to share your personal information with third parties. A business partner for us will not be considered as a third party to share information. In the case of a merger, association, consolidation, sale or transfer of assets or businesses Yuum Haax (a new owner or partner) the transfer of information of all our clients is considered as one of the assets. However, the use of this information by any new owner or partner will be governed by the terms and conditions of this security and privacy policy. It is your responsibility to verify whether the content of the Terms of Use, Security and any changes changed after the change of ownership or association; however, you will continue to have the right to decide whether to share your information with third parties.

We may disclose any information that you provide to Yuum Haax:
-When we believe that disclosure is appropriate in accordance with any law, regulation, or government request, or to comply with the judicial process.
-If such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to operate this website.
-To protect the rights or property of Yuum Haax, its users, sponsors, suppliers, distributors or merchants.

Links to other sites
Yuum Haax You want to give this to other addresses when you type or click on banners leading to other third party owned sites, you are subject to third party privacy policies, not ours. In Yuum Haax We support the protection of privacy on the Internet, but cannot be responsible for the actions of third parties. We suggest that you read the Privacy and Security Policy and the Terms and Conditions of each website you use before providing your personal data.

Consent and changes in our privacy and security Policy
In accordance with the points mentioned above, you are subject to the Privacy and Security Policy of our website and accept the collection and use of information by Yuum Haax. You remain aware that any of these points can be modified and published, and will always inform the client of these changes so that you are always aware of the use we make of your information and under what circumstances it may be disclosed. When making a purchase in Yuum Haax After being informed of changes in our Security and Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you have legal responsibility and comply with the changes and other provisions contained in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

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