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Curved Swing for Children

Curved Swing for Children

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Curved Hammock Swing for Children

For the little ones in the house, because there is no age to enjoy a hammock. In Yucatan since we were babies we sleep in a hammock, for many years, this custom continues in our traditions.

This model can be customized, made of nylon or cotton in the color(s) of your preference. If you wish, contact us so we can detail your order.

Data sheet

Supports 60 kg.
Product Weight: 1.3 kg.
Volumetric weight already packed: 4 kg.
Weaving (Warped): Closed.
Capacity: 1 Boy or girl from 2 to 5 years old.
This product includes 1 extension, of the same color or colors of the swing .
105 cm total height.
54 cm long wood.
Yes we invoice!

Recommendations for use

  • Cotton is ideal for interiors and comes in matte shades.
  • Nylon is ideal for outdoors and comes in satin shades.
  • All wooden hammocks must be protected from humidity.
  • The supported weight limit indicated in the description must be respected.
  • The hammock washing bag is only for hammocks without wood, hammocks with wood must be cleaned with sponge and foam.


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