Today in #FuerzaMéxico we present Judith Liceaga and she tells us her story.

She, along with her husband José Juan and her daughter Dani founded Xoconoxtl, located in Naucalpan, EdoMex.

“We are the Xoconoxtl family, a company founded in 2016, and we are dedicated to the artisanal elaboration of gourmet xoconostle products, through which we rescue roots, to make known to Mexico and the world the heritage of healthy pre-Hispanic gastronomy offering flavors with authentically Mexican identity, in our research we discovered the benefits of xoconostle and we were shocked to learn how beneficial it is for health and from there came the idea of sharing this wealth with society.

When José Juan, author of our sauces, was little, his father organized a party in the town of Otumba, where Doña Amparito, José Juan's mother, is from. In this great feast, Uncle Carlos, as he was called, prepared a delicious xoconostle sauce with tree chili for all the guests. The impact it caused on José Juan was such that he never forgot its peculiar taste. Years passed and each roast meat that he prepared with his family was accompanied by the inspiration that that exquisite sauce had caused in him that time. Family and friends insisted that he market it, because with that great flavor and also healthy, it would be a complete success. He was enthusiastic about the idea, but he did not know how to develop it.

After approximately ten years, the rest of the family finally decided to join their intention and start their own project. And after months of hard research, creativity and taking advantage of their knowledge and strengths to bring a dream to life... Xoconoxtl was born.

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Xoconoxtl more than hot sauce, is an experience of flavor, memories, history, nostalgia and tradition, which give magic and flavor to the dishes, we are Pure Mexican Alchemy!

👉 Web: https://xoconoxtl.wixsite.com/xoconoxtl
👉 FB: https://www.facebook.com/xoconoxtl
👉 IG: @xoconoxtl


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Gracias Carlos por esta excelente iniciativa!


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