Today in #SeamosMexicanos we present Claudia, founder of Claudia Vélez puppeteer and she tells us her story:
I am Claudia Vélez, an actress for 21 years, general director of the theater group La titiritera.
They say that after the rain comes calm and this theater group is the calm within the chaos in which I found myself in 2015, I had just resigned from my old theater group and I felt lost, until I found Yamanqui Cue, the artistic director of the puppeteer and together we came out afloat, with the aim that the little ones, through scenic art, will find different paths and attend school with books and not weapons.
Our plays have always talked about values, such as good nutrition, managing emotions, self-esteem, bullying, among others. We created several projects so that all the boys and girls in our state had access to the theater. Some were boating and theater Tuesdays at home.
Due to the pandemic caused by covid 19, we decided to tell the first 40 days of confinement audio-stories of the good night and more than 1900 children listened to our stories, we made agreements with the schools that already knew our work and the audios were spread all over the country and in some places abroad in Cuba, Argentina, Canada and Germany.
One of those nights a mother who received her audio told me that she had discovered a conversation between her daughter and a friend, where she told her that she did not like her life, I told Yamanqui and he wrote a story to help her and it worked. , later we wrote another story for a family that had lost a relative and thus the stories to heal the soul were born, written for each person, based on their tastes, needs and emotions. We have several ways to deliver them so that everyone has access and more in this complicated time. We make phone calls, video calls, cartoons and books. Now this is our new normal, telling stories from a distance, without a stage, without lights, without applause but with all the passion we have for our profession.
By the way, we are still counting, more than 200 nights of audio-stories.
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