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In this time where supporting each other has become an important part of our lives and to generate the promotion of local commerce we will be presenting you some companies and businesses that you will love to know.

This is Karla Amen, founder of Tameme. Located in Xalapa, Veracruz.

"Tameme was born in 2010 thanks to the ergonomic carrying of my
little Seb, hence the name of the brand which means charger in
Nahuatl, referring to the baby-carrying scarf with which
loaded and that to date continues to be its most

The most beautiful thing about Tameme is that it is a project that has arisen from
natural way, first sharing with friends the benefits of
carrying their babies, and little by little it has been growing along with the son of the founder and all those mothers who have put their trust in
the brand to offer them products that help in the upbringing of their
children on a daily basis.

Tameme is an expert brand in creating wonders full of color and design
inspired by the energy of the little ones in the house and today they have items from bibs, albums, nursing pillows, baby carriers to teepee houses among others.

Tameme is made up of mothers who understand that right now
in which many families have seen the need to be the
most of the time at home, they have implemented promotions
such as free home deliveries in the city or discounts
in shipments to support your stay at home. They have also advertised through lives and posts to other ventures of mothers like them, because we know that their contribution to the family economy cannot stop.

We invite you to discover their products and follow them on networks
social because in Tameme they wrap what you love most with love."

👉 Website: www.tamemebebe.myshopify.com/
👉 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bebe.tameme
👉 Instagram: @tamemebebe


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