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Today in #SeamosMexicanos we introduce you to Brazil, founder of Mohave Cactus. CDMX, Veracruz. and tells us his story:
“My name is Brasil Canales. I studied biology at the FES Iztacala of UNAM, which is why I learned about the great diversity of cacti and succulents that exist in the country and in the world. This diversity sparked my interest in cultivation. Since 2013 I began to grow succulents, which has led me to meet and learn from the best growers in Mexico, attend fairs, give talks and workshops, which is the main objective of Mohave Cactus: Promote cultivation and knowledge of succulent plants, mainly Mexican. Additionally, I offer greenhouse-grown plants and seeds, while making people aware of the negative impact of removing plants from the field.
Mohave cactus is always located in Mexico City. I organize the workshops mainly at the papalotl café (fb: papalotl railway café) and I send the plants and seeds home. The catalogs can be consulted on my social networks.”
👉 Instagram: mohave_cactus
📱 WhatsApp: 5528005276
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