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This is Griselle Lujano, founder of LujaNo Concept Store, established in 2016 and located in Mérida, Yucatán and today in #FuerzaMéxico she tells us her story:
“I am Grisy Lujano and if you know me before, you will probably wonder how I got to this point.
I actually have a law degree and a master's degree in public administration, nothing to do with what I do. I learned that no matter when, if you already know what you want, then start working for it, so apart from being the owner of Lujano Concept Store, I take care of everything, that includes managing social networks and currently I am in training in the subject of digital marketing.
Well, now yes, this starts with me discovering a Mexican brand of accessories. On a trip to Mexico City, I found this brand in a store like the one I currently own. Buy a keychain. Upon returning to Mérida I realized that what I really wanted was to bring that brand and make it known in Bazares, if I am honest I did not think of something like "helping to spread" the work of those who make them, I simply liked them and I wanted to monetize my taste. Well, I started participating in local bazaars with that brand...
Some things and some time passed, I was taking English classes and working during the week in a Federal dependency, in addition to my participation in bazaars... I practically had no free time with all my activities; at some point this rhythm became unsustainable and the bazaar in which he was constantly, fell apart. Some time passed and I even left the Government, and I went to Private Initiative. I didn't last long, let's just say I didn't fall into the best place for me. They thanked me (no net) and I went with my settlement to fulfill my dream (I didn't mention it before but during the time of the bazaars I met many local brands and it is then that the desire to have a platform like that was born store where I found the keychain of that brand I loved) to have my own local brand business.
Currently I have more than 20 brands between local and the interior of the Republic, of varied products such as Designer Clothes, Shoes, Beachwear, natural Skincare products, Amaranth Wafers, Totebags, Accessories, Hair Accessories such as Headbands and scrunchies etc
My favorites are the emerging brands, because I want that in Lujano Concept Store, you never lose the feeling that you will find news that you will not find anywhere else, besides being new, they are the ones who need that boost.
Come visit me at Lujano Concept Store, I am always the one who attends you with a smile and all the desire to share my taste and passion for local brands.
👉 Facebook: Lu Janus
👉 Instagram: lujanoconceptstore
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