JKD Expresando Ideas

JKD Expressing Ideas

Today in #SeamosMexicanos we present José Kauil, founder of JKD Expressing ideas and we
tells his story:
“JKD Expressing began as an idea to offer personalized products embodied in mugs, t-shirts, caps, bottles and promotional items in general.
At that time I was working in a company and at the same time I was spending time thinking about what I can do to be independent, especially with my time.
After meditating I decided to start my entrepreneurship, also with my profession it boosted me more in social networks, since I have a degree in marketing.
Thanks to all the effort I managed to be my own boss and have my own business, and I am very proud to say that thanks to my entrepreneurship many families can now make their fantasy come true.
Currently, JKD Expressing ideas we market through the Facebook and Instagram platforms, in this way they have managed to overcome the difficult times caused by the pandemic, having security protocols in their deliveries and production of articles.
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📱 WhatsApp: (+52) 999 137 6577
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