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Illustrator: Niidea

Today we want to introduce you to one of the Mexican artists who deserve to be recognized and who has represented our brand in some beautiful illustrations.
We present Niidea ilustration and a bit of its history:
"Hello, my name is Wendy, creator of Niidea ilustration. I'm a visual and graphic artist, and an illustrator.
The artistic techniques that I use the most are:
Traditional illustration, acrylic, watercolor and a couple of years ago digital drawing.
I have basically been working on this project for the year of the pandemic (no idea), since it had always been just a hobby (for 5 years) and I never saw it as something that could help me grow as a person and professionally.
I thought that with a stable job everything would be fine... but no! I was never happy working for other people or companies, something was always missing.
Before this project I went through a very gray streak in my life, I got to have a major depression, which is why I confess this has saved me in many ways.
Since I was little I draw and paint, and like every child I dreamed of something, and in my case it was always drawing!
I never thought that doing it would be what would feed me today, because working as an illustrator is very complicated, since people often do not accept that it also costs us time and effort. but despite how complicated it could be, I'm taking it and all thanks to the acceptance of people *niidea* it's growing and I'm gradually getting closer to my goals.
I currently work independently on graphic design and illustration, as well as illustrated products:
-T- shirts -Mugs -Notebooks-Stickers-Among other things "
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