Ilustradora: Glass Art

Illustrator: Glass Art

Another Mexican artist who deserves to be recognized and who has represented our brand in some beautiful illustrations is Glas Art.

"My name is Gladys Heredia, but everyone already knows me as Glas or Glas Art.
My story began with my love of drawing, which I have had since I was little, because I was inspired by the cartoons I saw on TV, I spent hours drawing animated characters, so my parents decided to enroll me in the state center of fine arts, which I already I am proudly graduated. When I was in elementary school, my classmates used to ask me to sell them little drawings of their favorite characters, I never imagined that growing up that girl would realize that you could live as an artist, so I made the decision to dedicate myself to the arts the rest of my life and being a teacher because I want to teach the new generations that drawing is not just a hobby but a lifestyle. I don't have a favorite technique at the moment because I think they all have that special touch that can be used for different things or styles, and speaking of styles, personally I don't think I have a very marked one but everyone tells me yes so I prefer to say that my style it is simply to start drawing or painting.

I am currently a student of the degree in Visual Arts and in the same way I work making paintings that those who follow me on my social networks request me.
I promise there is no way to describe that feeling when someone recognizes your work or admires it; and they give me the opportunity to capture and be part of special moments or projects with my illustrations and paintings. I think I'm on the right path and I couldn't be more than grateful to the people who have always supported me with my career as an artist. "


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