Ilustrador: Pacorro_Store

Illustrator: Pacorro_Store

Today we open a new space in Yuum Haax to introduce you to some Mexican artists who deserve to be recognized and who have represented our brand in some beautiful illustrations.
Introducing Pacorro and a bit of his history
Hello, my name is Francisco Hernández, but everyone calls me Paco (That's where pacorro comes from) and I'm 20 years old, I'm an illustrator developed by practice and this is the story of pacorro store:
In 2017 I went through a somewhat complicated time for me, so I was looking for activities to take care of.
Knowing that I have always liked drawing for as long as I can remember, I decided to open a gallery of digital illustrations on instagram, because by that time I had obtained my first and current graphic tablet to draw and I was excited by the idea of creating a space in where to show my drawings; I started uploading my creations on an account that used to be called pacorromid and my close friends soon started asking me if I could sell my works. With the help of my friends and family I had the idea of translating my illustrations into objects, first I started selling photo buttons and stickers, to later get to personalized notebooks, and people gradually began to follow me, until I managed to grow quite a bit, but sadly that account was hacked, when I realized that event I didn't want to create another account for pacorro, because it made me sad to start from 0 again, but I knew I couldn't give up, so I created what I currently is Pacorro MID , and here we are working and illustrating.
What I like most about drawing is seeing people's expressions when I give them their personalized notebook and they see their special person drawn.
Most of the illustrations I do are personalized but I also have creations that are not.
And currently I have the following products:
digital illustrations
personalized notebooks
photo buttons
Agendas with personalized covers"
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