Ilustrador: Near Arx

Illustrator: NearArx

Today we want to introduce you to one of the Mexican artists who deserve to be recognized and who has represented our brand in some beautiful illustrations.

We present Noé Pérez and a little of his history:
"Hello, I'm Noé Pérez, I'm currently manager of the design and production area in a print shop in Cancun, I focus on my style with natural compositions and play with nature in my illustration, the colors I use range from pastel tones to the dark peaks of contrast I like abstraction and cyberpunk in my works.

I started drawing traditionally in 4th or 5th grade and I haven't stopped since then, I've started playing with materials and effects in almost everything I've done.
I work with photography and illustration as well as institutional stationery and packaging design.
I dedicate my weekends to my illustrations and 30% of each day during the week."


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