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Illustrator: Alejandro Megah

Today we want to introduce you to one of the Mexican artists who deserve to be recognized and who has represented our brand in some beautiful illustrations.

We present Alejandro and a little of his history:

"The story is nothing to write home about, have you seen Amarte Duele? A neighborhood teenager who paints all kinds of graffiti, from murals to the names of the girls in front of their schools; it's the same but the Yuca version and in the same time, the early 2000s. Fortunately, I didn't end up in a tragic way with a dead strawberry girlfriend... but I did focus on looking for tools to practice different styles that I found in magazines, or on the same street. Thanks to the digital openness, I discovered graphic design, and the interest in studying a career arose. I was able to study Visual Arts at ESAY during its first study plans, which allowed me to carry out many activities through different artistic disciplines in different states of the art. republic.

After graduating, I had the opportunity to teach workshops and venture into education, but specializing in graphic design and digital media caught my attention, so I quit my job as a workshop facilitator and began looking for opportunities in advertising agencies specializing in audiovisual production, while working as a freelancer; which I have not stopped doing like this time for my dear friends from Yuum Haax.

Three years ago I returned to the area of education as part of the State Cultural Awareness Programs as a Visual Arts teacher in the General Coordination of Primary Artistic Education of the SEGEY where I teach both children and teachers from traditional techniques such as artisan binding to the use of tools for audiovisual production. "


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