¡Feliz día de la Hamaca!

Happy Hammock Day!

The hammock is a luxury of the Yucatecans, the place where they conceive us, lull us to sleep as children, rest, love, relax, where we rock to the rhythm of the Mayab, says Conchi León.

For her, "there is nothing more joyful for a Yucatecan child than sitting in his hammock and rocking while listening to a song or while his grandmother tells him a story."

It is the transmitting element of knowledge, a means of earning a living, it promotes gender equity since it is not identified as an activity for men or women, it is playful and sexual, it also embraces in the face of loss, because when it happens, the hammock it continues, it rocks stretched out, from here to there, from there to here...

“It is an object that only the Yucatecan knows how to love”, defines the creator Hericko Delfín, who made Pixán Tribute , a work that pays homage to hammocks, “so that we could reflect on our experience or some story that we could have had as children and now it makes us remember”.

But it is also an “instrument of absence”, as the plastic artist wanted to reflect in one of his pieces, since it deals with a very sensitive subject: suicide.

In the prisons of the Yucatan peninsula it looks like a source of employment, and it is not difficult to imagine that once the object concocted in the hands of a prisoner who is serving his sentence and seeks to rejoin society, reached the hands of one of his victims.

The hammock is rocked in the prison and on the beaches of the peninsula...

It is therapy, for example, dozens of older adults, retired men and women, go to the Day House, of the "Palomas de la Paz" Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), where they have formed a family, they feel free, happy, accompanied, and discharge their energies in their creations.

They pass the time between the threads, weaving and weaving for hours and telling endless stories; they remember those who went ahead on the road, the children who have left and have not returned to visit them, and the moments of joy they share with each other.

And it is hope, many artisans managed to remain active since the pandemic began and there are even those who improved their income with everything and the economic crisis.

In this special, within the framework of the national day of the hammock, on July 22, La Jornada Maya presents various facets of this object of identity in the Yucatan Peninsula, which generation after generation evolves, without losing its essence, relaxing the existence.

in the special The warp of enjoyment: The art of kicking the wall , within the framework of the National Day of the Hammock that is celebrated this July 22, The Mayan Journey presents various facets of this object of identity in the Yucatan peninsula, which generation after generation evolves, without losing its essence, relaxing existence.

Source: The Mayan Journey

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