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🌿 Henequen is a species of plant of the agave genus, this plant is native to the state of Yucatan in Mexico, where it was cultivated by the Mayans in pre-Hispanic times. Its production is not expensive, and it is fully exploited, due to its multiple uses. The main consumption is industrial, in the manufacture of ropes, ropes, sacks, threads, etc.
It is also used for making handicrafts such as rugs, tapestries, rugs and hammocks. Alcoholic beverages can also be made from it and its possible use for the manufacture of ethanol is recently being studied. Likewise, paper pulp, fertilizer, biogas can be extracted from henequen, the pulp from the defibration can serve as cattle feed, waxes for industrial use and hecogenin can be extracted, which is a basic product for different drugs of great global demand. Henequen juice can also be used as a biodetergent for scrubbing and washing, and as an emulsifier for fuels.
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