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Today in #FuerzaMéxico we present to you: Nayeli Sarmiento, Founder of Cosa Cosita Gourmet, located in Mexico City and today in #FuerzaMéxico , tells us her story:

Cosa Cosita Gourmet was founded in 2012, and I am proud to share with you that people in a vulnerable state work with me (I don't really like the term, but that's the way it is), elderly people, students, single mothers, or people with something physical that has affected them. denied work elsewhere.

I'm an actress and 10 years ago I was thinking about what else to do for the lean times in the artistic field, so, someone told me "Hey! You cook delicious, why don't you start a taquiza business?" so I said to myself: Myself, it's true! You enjoy doing it!, so I decided to start with taquizas, at that time we were called "Taquizas at home El Piloto" little by little I increased the things we could do for events, so I decided to change the name to be more in line with everything that we now handle (taquizas, barbecues, banquets, sweet and savory tables, s'mores tables, logo cookies) and my friend Juan made me this beautiful logo for "Cosa Cosita Gourmet" the people who work with me and I are very happy and it makes us happy to work in the events; now in these months of pandemic, obviously everything was canceled and we went to zero, but, I went through Uber eats and Didi food and from there I have been getting up, although I have not been able to give as much work as before, we are positive so that soon be so.

We serve all CDMX and places close to it, although they have already hired us in Valle de Bravo and Campeche, it was great!
Thank you AND GO! 😁

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