¿Conoces la bandera de Yucatán?

Do you know the Yucatan flag?

Did you know that Yucatan has its own flag because it was a country at some point in its history?
The Yucatan flag was created in 1841, made as a protest against the centralism of Mexico by Antonio López de Santa Anna. 🐎
In that same year, Mexico and the Republic of Yucatan came into conflict, as Yucatan was dissatisfied with the ideas of government that were proposed in Mexico, so on October 1, 1841, Yucatan with the help of the local Chamber of Deputies approved the independence of the republic of Yucatan from the rest of Mexico.

Later Mexico would find a way for Yucatan to rejoin the country, through economic pressure they succeeded. The reintegration of Yucatan to Mexico took place on August 17, 1848.

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