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Today in #FuerzaMéxico we are going to Zapopan, Jalisco, I present to you Clau Magdaleno, founder of Cherry Pink and this is her story:

“Cherry Pink is a project that I started when I was 19 years old, this year my brand turns 11. What started on the desk in my room and with an investment of $4,000 that I saved from my work as an intern, today is a store line of bikinis that sends to all of Mexico and that is recognized as a success story. We are also part of the network of Facebook leaders and they have contacted us to talk about the history of the brand on different digital platforms, magazines and podcasts.

This year, our brand managed to grow 200% compared to 2019 by selling bikinis in a season in which hotels are at 30% thanks to a program, among other digital strategies, in which we gave work to elderly women that manufacture cloth face masks to generate income without leaving home and we give them away when buying swimsuits.

I am very passionate about e-commerce... I love creating strategies, measuring them, continuing to prepare and taking my brand to higher and higher levels.“

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