Today in #FuerzaMéxico we present Paola Quiala, Mexican, entrepreneur, founder of Chéel Reusable Bag, located in Coatepec, Veracruz and tells us her story:

“Our company is dedicated to caring for the environment, creating reusable fabric bags (t-shirt type).
Located in the city of Coatepec, Veracruz Mexico (Pueblo Mágico) is where this story is born.

And it all starts with the concern of being able to contribute a grain of sand to our planet and to be able to teach my little ones that we can make a better world by reducing the use of plastic.

Currently the brand is 100% online store, where we ship to the entire Mexican Republic, these times of Covid have been very difficult, but we have managed to get ahead, always focusing on being hand in hand with the public with whom we have a bond. very close, in the way of making them feel like a family, always having communication and being able to connect with them and achieve a beautiful friendship in special cases.

"Creating a product for everyday use has been a challenge for the brand, but by combining care for the environment with a diversity of colors, a beautiful lifestyle is created that helps our environment."
We would like to be able to reach many more homes and make a beautiful habit. We know that it is possible and that with the support and union of all, we will get ahead in these somewhat different times.”

Company Contact Information:
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👉 Instagram: @cheel_bolsa_reutilizable


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