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Today in #SeamosMexicanos we present Clau Magdaleno, founder of CEO FACTORY and she tells us her story:

"I launched my first swimwear brand line (Cherry Pink) at the age of 19. What started as a "hobby" of selling clothes in my days out of college and my internship at an advertising agency, where my office was the desk in my room and I delivered the packages myself... it became a full-time job, shipments to all of Mexico, offices and a team that is behind each area to make everything work. Years later , I launched my second brand of at-home hair removal waxes (1minpretty) It took us only 8 weeks (from idea to launch) to replicate the formula that got Cherry Pink to where it is and successfully launch a second brand on the market .

This is how I realized that the formula I have is worth gold, because I can teach other women to achieve their goal of creating brands online and making a chain of positive impact on society when other women undertake and create jobs. So this month I launched my third brand of digital courses where I taught from scratch all my secrets to create and scale online stores.

I would love to take my brands to international levels, not only physical products but also my brand of digital courses. I would love to support women from all over Latin America to undertake online."

🌐 Website:
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