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bravo vintage

Today in #FuerzaMéxico we present Tani Pérez, founder of Bravo Vintage, located in Guadalajara Jalisco and tells us her story:

My name is Tani Pérez, I have a degree in international relations, a lover of history and vintage clothing. It was by uniting these two passions that 8 years ago I started Bravo Vintage, a vintage clothing store but it is not only that, it is also a museum of history and nostalgia.
I rescue garments that are between 25 and 100 years old, clothes that represent the economic, political and social movements of the 20th century, and through this I talk to the people who passed by in Mexico and in the world, in historical terms, when the garment was first made or worn.

I share all this information through handwritten labels on the garments, a kind of small essays, but I also share it through the store's social networks, where I have managed to create a fairly large community, not only to offer these beautiful garments, but also to teach history classes in a simple, playful and passionate way.

It all started with a clothing rack in my parents' living room and a Facebook page in 2011. The following year I already had a very small physical store, a mini museum, as I call it. And in a few more years I was finally able to open a larger store, where we happily welcome people not only from Guadalajara, but from different parts of Mexico and the world, who have come to know Bravo thanks to digital tools like Instagram. It has been just that reach through digital that adapting to the new normal has not been so difficult in terms of contact with clients and friends. It is through our networks that we not only offer historical clothing, but we have also offered a space for reflection, analysis, and love for all those who follow us and who, as a community, support each other to stay in these historical and sometimes difficult times.

👉 Facebook: Bravo Vintage
👉 Instagram: bravo_vintage


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