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Today in #SeamosMexicanos we present the Cabañas Sánchez family, founders of the Brahazzas restaurant, and they tell us their story:
"The Brahazzas restaurant emerged in 2011 as a family project created by the Cabañas Sánchez family to pamper everyone, with the mixture of seasoning and Mexican traditions with the presentation of dishes worthy of a chef, we are located in Toluca, State of Mexico in the street of Motolinia #307 Colonia San Bernardino.
Our home called Brahazzas has different service areas such as gardens, private rooms and a main area which are conditioned to have ample space and enjoy each one of them. In this your home Brahazzas you will be treated as a guest to our home since here there are only pampered guests.
Adapting to the new normality was not easy, at the beginning of the pandemic we closed for 3 months to be able to keep our collaborators safe at home, however when the restaurants in Toluca were able to reopen, we restarted operations, adapting to new trends, menus at home through delivery platforms, creation of online stores, training for a better use of social networks, incorporation of new gastronomic trends, maintaining the prices of our menu, quality and service, a high priority was given to all the biosecurity process in terms of covid to create protocols that keep all of us who enter the restaurant safe, both collaborators and pampered guests. Without a doubt, we have experienced interesting challenges and our survival depends on important factors such as adaptation, the loyalty of our guests and the passion/love for doing our work."
👉 WhatsApp (+52) 7221674929
👉 Website: and
👉 Facebook: Brahazzas
👉 Instagram: brahazzas
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