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Today in #FuerzaMéxico we present to you: Angélica de la Cruz, founder of Angie Folares y Más, located in Cancún, Quintana Roo and tells us her story:
Folares y más is started by Angélica, born in November 2014 and its scope begins as ads on her personal profile in Facebook groups, it is already launched as a Facebook page in January 2015, in Cancun, Mexico. The beginning of this story is very interesting and moving; an event in Angélica's life changed her entire course; graduated in hotel and restaurant management, she was always passionate about serving others and therefore her career, however, absorbed in a managerial position and being successful in it, without realizing it she was distanced from the most important thing, her family, mainly his son Diego, who until he was two years old was practically raised in a nursery. When the little one turns 3, Angélica becomes pregnant and the arrival of the new member causes a great illusion in all, sadly she is overshadowed when she loses the baby and sees the great impact that this was causing in Diego's life and before it, she decides to leave. hotel business and starting a new path with time to connect with her family, reflecting that she had been so busy at her job looking for professional success that she was leaving aside the most important and meaningful thing in her life, she tried out as a university teacher, a less demanding position in the hotel industry and others and in the inter tried to get pregnant again without success (even through treatments) until the family decided to stop trying and let go of that idea and focus on Diego and the present.
Some time later and in the test/search for a job that would balance the aspects of her life, she becomes an operations manager in a condominium and without planning it or believing it possible, she becomes pregnant again; With Diego's history of high-risk pregnancy and the loss of Amaité, he decides only to inform his direct boss and slow down the pace of work to take care of this new baby. After giving birth to her new child "Ian", she was fired from her job because the management had not seen her "as active in her activities" as before the pregnancy, (activities that were obviously high risk for a pregnant woman). ; Interestingly, her mother had called her that same day telling her that Ian would not stop crying, he did not want to eat a bottle and he needed it, so Angélica had decided to resign, she was very surprised when entering her boss's office, he takes the word and proposes that the administration place a new manager and pay her full severance pay, they were firing her but she did not leave empty-handed. What a great opportunity! To return to be with his family and take care of the new member, in addition to investing the money in courses, training, products and much more on the subject that interested him, "the healthy growth and development of his children "and of the children of all the mothers in the world to grow a healthy and loving society in which they would live.
Thus began this great project that has accompanied thousands of families to this day. Today it is dedicated to providing advice and sale of products and services for: maternity, ergonomic portering, infant massage, infant sleep, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, coach for new parents and much more. More and more families, especially the youngest ones, seek their services, to start this new adventure so important and significant: "the arrival of their little ones", take care of the life of a child and at the same time preserve your own identity, while trying to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner (if you have one) and adding the roles of being a daughter, sister, worker or businesswoman, etc., can undoubtedly be complex, but definitely accompanied, "you live better", the information empowers and our desire of improving ourselves day by day, step by step, taking each process at the moment it is presented, leads us to a home full of love and understanding. When our children grow up in this way, they will be upright, empathetic and respectful adults, so without a doubt, they are our contribution to building a better society.
Hence the slogan "Growing in love" is born.
Since 2015 he shared information and products from Facebook groups, little by little mothers joined in such a way that they created their "tribe" to share, in addition to the information, the first product he offered them were scarves that would help mothers feel self-sufficient having hands free to carry out their daily tasks at home while carrying their baby or at least lead their life in a more "normal" way but without separating from their little ones, this product was requested by more than 50 mothers in the first order, which was a great surprise for Angelica; then the recommendation "word of mouth" became present and seeing the result, he decided to advertise on this platform to have a greater reach and capitalize without risking money, having done this has given him more visibility, which has increased his clients and sales throughout the national and even international territory, and has made its breastfeeding and baby-rearing projects known and this visibility even led it today to share in different institutions and associations such as the IMSS, to reach different media ( newspaper, radio TV), to participate in Televisa Quintana Roo/New day the magazine, 3 times a week and to be part of national and international organizations as well as events around the world as a participant and/or exhibitor and/or administrator.
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