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How to take care of your hammock

The duration of a hammock varies depending on the use that is given to it. For example, if they are not left exposed to the sun or outdoors for a long time, it is always better to keep them indoors and even store them whenever they are not in use.

When hanging it on hooks or hammocks, it is recommended not to hang the hammock directly to them, but to use an extension or place a piece of cloth so that the hammock does not rub against the hook, preventing it from being hurt from the side of the hammock. the doll and the threads break.

What to do in case of damage?
If your hammock has broken threads on the arm or body part, it is best to stop using it and take it in for repair. If it is broken and you keep using it, it will only break more of it, aggravating the damage.

How do they wash?
Depending on the model, as long as they do not have wood(s) or metal, they can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. To wash in the washing machine there is a special bag for it.

The models with wood or metal can only be cleaned, with a sponge and foam, the sponge is rubbed to remove dirt, it is not recommended to carve with fiber or use a lot of water, since the fiber will damage the threads of the hammock and a lot of water it can moisten woods or oxidize metals.

In the past, when you received a new hammock, it had to be soaked in water and salt, so that the fiber releases all the dye, preventing it from staining clothes later if it is washed together with it.

At Yuum Haax Hammocks, we wash the hammocks before delivering them, to prevent the threads from losing color when washed, even so, if the user requires it, they can wash it again upon receipt.

This action of washing the newly made hammock is known as Fixing the Colors.

At the time of drying it, it should not be put in the dryer, nor laid out in the sun. It can be hung indoors and left to dry under the wind of a ceiling fan (set it to maximum speed), nylon hammocks dry in 30 min and cotton hammocks in 1 hour and a half.

When storing your hammock, it is important to prevent the arms from getting tangled, for this it is very easy, you must join both ends and tie the arms, this knot will prevent the arms from getting tangled when you are going to store it in a bag or take it out of the bag. same.

Correct use.
When using a hammock it is important to take care of it when we are in them. To do this, it is recommended to avoid wearing clothes with exposed buttons or closures, as well as climbing on them with shoes on or dirty feet.

They are not for playing, to avoid accidents it is important to warn children about their correct use and avoid standing on them.

Do not expose them to rain or morning dew, if they get damp for it, it is recommended to dry them in the sun for a maximum of 20 minutes and then continue drying in a room under the wind of a fan.

Take good care of your hammock, since behind each one of them, the experience, work and dedication of our artisans is reflected.

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