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How to take care of your Hammock

Caring for your hammock is extremely important. If you use it, protect it and wash it properly, it can last more than 10 years. These are the tips we give for the proper use of your hammock:

How to use it:

At bedtime, it is recommended not to wear clothes with exposed buttons and / or snaps, as they can get tangled and pull the strings, damaging your hammock to the point that the next time you go to bed you may feel uncomfortable. In the worst case scenario, the tangled threads break, causing the threads to become loose and form a difficult repair hole.

How to keep it well:

It is very important to note that you will not be using your hammock every day, it is better to keep it well. Even if your hammock is nylon, which is the toughest material of all, it doesn't last as long as bad weather is expected. Then we proceed to collect your hammock.

There are many ways to make your hammock and its styles double, so as not to complicate it, we will explain to you in a simple way and without many complications.

The first is to lift both arms out of the hammock and tie them together (not tangle them) and tie both ends together, this will avoid tangling during storage. Then we proceed to make a tie, which left a knot in the center of your hammock (don't do this step if you haven't tied the ends before). Finally, we store it in a plastic or cloth bag. This way, your hammock will stay protected and you won't get caught when you want to put it back on.

Washing your hammock:

Today, there is more than one way to wash your hammock. Everything different, but much easier than the others.

The first is one of the oldest; This is to leave your hammock in a bucket or container with water and fabric softener, overnight and the next day, hand wash.

The second requires much less time, but if you are more tired, it is to hold the arms of your hammock, while the washing machine does its job, to hold your hammock is to avoid tangling your arms, breaking down your washing machine and breaking your hammock. At the end of the wash cycle, your back hurts a lot.

The third is the simplest and least slow, there is a magic bag, made especially for the hammock washer, but without having to hold it. The idea arises from some bags that were made to wash delicate clothes in the washing machine, there he began to create the bag to wash the hammock washing machine, which, using the same technology as the main idea, sought to take care of his hammock while the washing machine does everything rigorous work.

The way to use it is very simple: flip the bag to leave internal threads on the outside and thus be able to hold your hammock in the bag. Once your hammock is fastened, the bag is turned again to have the ties and the hammock inside it. Finally the bag is closed and you proceed to wash it in your washing machine. You can even wash them with your clothes. The capacity of this bag is 1 hammock 1 King Size hammock or double and single at the same time.


Hammocks are not toys. Make sure children don't use them as swings.

Always supervise children when they are using the hammock.

Never step on or stand in a hammock.

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